"....her voice is like pure sterling. Her phrasing is exquisite, her clarity and enunciation on par with the great Jo Stafford and her breath control – a talent so often, and so wrongfully, overlooked – rivals Sinatra’s.” 

Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes.com

"....Her voice is an open invitation, an instrument of confession and creation that immediately transports you to someplace else. That's evident from her first utterances through her last words on Very Early.” 

Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz


“[Audrey’s] alto is pure and persuading, her clarity, enunciation and breath control, astonishing.”

Ann Steegman,  New York City Jazz Record

  "....[a] charismatic singer whose lyric poetry is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell’s....Silver’s luminous voice quality has ecstasy within its reach as she turns on the tap of profound vocal beauty. By now it becomes patently obvious that we are being confronted by a star of immense brightness."

Raul da Gama, Jazz Sensibilities


"Audrey Silver's voice is exquisite...a velvet-laden timbre with impeccable phrasing..."

Hot House Magazine


“….Silver engrosses with her tales….[a] talent worthy of being picked up by a major label.” 

Robert Rusch, Cadence Jazz Magazine 

"Very Early, singer Audrey Silver’s third release is a pure delight. The combination of Silver’s warm and crystal clear vocals, an excellent song selection and fantastic musicianship makes this an outstanding recording.” 

Daniels, The Jazz Page 

"There are so many outstanding performances on this album; it’s hard to truly choose which one is the standout. I suggest you pick up a copy for yourself, and truly experience why Audrey Silver is the preeminent jazz vocalist of this era. She’s got the goods, and she knows how to deliver!" 

Constance Tucker, All About Vocals 

….Perfect technique, including scat vocals, a soft velvet voice, a varied repertoire - all works to the success of Very Early…" 

Leonid Auskren, Jazzquad (Russia)


"....The highlight from their sets was Silver’s captivating interpretation of “The Meaning of the Blues.”

 Ken Franckling, JazzTimes (Review from Tanglewood Jazz Festival, 2010)